55 Series

55 Series Gravity Wagons 455 • 555 • 655 • 755

Designed to Perform...Built to Last

Since J&M introduced their first gravity wagon in 1960, they have developed many patented designs and features that have provided farmers with better solutions transporting their grain from storage, to the field and back again… saving both time and money.

55 Series gravity wagons combine 60 years of design innovations. The wagons clean out exceptionally well because of the steepest back slopes (up to 33°) and end slopes (up to 42°)...even in high moisture grain. The 450 to 750 bushel capacity wagons feature a large 60" door with an oversized door wheel that is easily accessible from either side. Larger inspections windows allow greater visibility into the tank, while LED lights allow greater visibility while transporting.

Steeper Slopes

Excellent Cleanout

55 Series gravity wagons have the steepest back slopes (33° on 455/555 models and 32° on 655/755 models) and end slopes (42° on 455/555 models and 37° on 655/755 models) to ensure excellent cleanout, even in high moisture grain. We challenge you to check our measurements and our competitor’s measurements. You may be surprised to find out that others don’t stack up, despite what they publish.

Tight Turning Radius

Designed for maximum maneuverability, J&M's 55 Series gravity wagons feature a tight turning radius. The 455 and 555 models have a 6'-0" turning radius while 655 and 755 models have a 6'‑5" turning radius.

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