Small Capacity Gravity Wagons

Small Capacity Gravity Wagons • Model 385

Proven Tough for 60 Years

For over six decades and with more than 50,000 wagons sold to date, J&M's small capacity gravity wagons have proven to be well-constructed, reliable and economical wagons.

Sleeved Spindles and Oil Bath Hubs

  • leeved Spindles
    For maximum strength, spindles are inserted into heat-shrunk sleeves for welding.
  • 2Tie-Rods
    Tie-Rods with clevis ends and replaceable bronze bushings make for easy maintenance.


Tight Turning Radius

Designed for maximum maneuverability, J&M's model 385 gravity wagons feature a tight turning radius.

Steeper Slopes

Excellent Cleanout

The 385 gravity wagon has a steep back 27° slope and 35° end slopes to ensure excellent cleanout even in high moisture grain.

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