Loftness GBU 10

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  • Main Auger
    To achieve load transfer rates of 8,500 bushels per hour, the GBU 10 utilizes a 17-inch main auger made with 1/4-inch flighting. The 50 degree angle of the main auger provides additional height and reach when loading into taller trucks and grain carts.
  • Folding Auger Design
    The main auger hinge point is precise and robust. Laser-cut parts, precision welding and spring-loaded self-aligning top bearings ensure the auger shafts align and the male-female drive couplers engage every time.
  • Cross Augers
    Designed for unrestricted high-flow performance and longevity, the 10-inch cross augers are driven from the outside end by a drive shaft and chain.
  • Bag Roller
    At 16 feet wide, the bag roller has ample room for accepting flattened bags as they are emptied and rolled up. Both ends are capped with 17-inch discs, ensuring that the bag will never overrun the roller. Welded teeth spaced along the entire roller shaft ensure that the leading edge of the bag is captured securely and squarely.
  • Bag Roller Assembly
    The balanced bag roller assembly pivots and swings from operating to transport position by hand. It locks into transport position with a spring-loaded pin.
  • Bag Roller Drive
    The entire roller drive assembly was designed to provide the power and torque needed under extreme loading conditions. Hydraulic motor power is increased and speed is reduced through a reduction gearbox and single chain-drive system. The roller drive pulls the tractor and the unloader into the grain using the bag itself like a tow rope.
  • Bag Knife
    An integrated handle, along with stable and robust hinge points, allow the operator to easily and quickly grasp, position and secure the blade for operation or storage. Two cutting positions ensure a positive cut through any bag shape.
  • Chain Drive
    Power to the main auger and cross augers is delivered through the PTO and transferred through the U.S.-made gearbox to a No. 80 chain drive oil bath coupling system. This provides unsurpassed reliability to both auger systems.
  • Chain Height Adjuster
    This simple, yet effective, marker chain can be adjusted to gauge the operating height while unloading, regardless of ground conditions.
  • Axle Lift
    Built around a 3-1/2-inch shaft and 2-inch spindles, a hydraulically adjustable axle allows the operator to control the height of cross augers inside the bag depending on ground conditions.
  • Ground-Level Controls
    Controls are positioned for easy ground access. The four-function hydraulic valve system controls every aspect of the GBU 10. The valve system can easily be converted from open center to closed center. From the control center, the operator can precisely regulate the bag roller speed, adjust the axle height and retract or extend the hinged main auger.
  • Drive Train
    The GBU10 drivetrain system starts with a shear bolt protected Walterscheid W2400 series PTO shaft. There is a hinged shield that folds up to access the PTO shear bolt for easy replacement.
  • Bag Removal Clutch
    The operator can simply disengage the roller drive by hand and bag can then be rolled off the bag roller tube. No tools needed.
  • Worm Gear Roller Drive Gearbox
  • Hydraulic Spout Deflector
  • Bag Roller Hooks
  • Safety Warning Lights
  • Optional Grain Bag Baler
    The grain bag baler accepts 9- or 10-foot-diameter grain bags that are up to 300 feet long, taking them directly from the GBU10 roller and winding them up tightly for easy tying. No more hassles of unrolling bags onto the ground, which can be especially tricky in windy conditions. It’s also an ideal solution for preparing used grain bags for recycling.
  • Optional 9-Foot Bag Auger Kit
    The optional 9-foot short cross auger is used when unloading 9-foot diameter grain bags. It is 10 inches in diameter and attached in the same manner as the standard cross auger.
  • Optional Third Wheel Support
    When ground conditions are soft or questionable, Loftness offers an option to keep your unloading operations moving. The third wheel option simply bolts onto the existing wheel on the auger side of the Unloader, giving the whole rig additional support.
  • Optional Work Light Kit
    Don’t let the dark slow down your unloading operation. The optional work light kit includes three magnetically mounted LED lights, each producing 2,400 lumens.


Model Number GBU 10
Operating Weight 5,760 lbs
Operating Dimensions   
Length 21' 4"
Width 23' 3"
Height 16' 11"
Storage/Travel Dimensions   
Length 22'
Width 8' 7"
Height 8' 7"
RPM 540
Horsepower 50
Shaft Size/Type 6-B Spline
PTO Driveline Type Walterscheid W2400
GPM (required) 6
PSI (required) 2,000
Connector Type Quick Couplers
Auger Sizes   
Discharge Auger 17" / 331 RPM
Cross Auger 10" / 356 RPM
Op. Wheels/Size/Type 31" 11L-15 Implement
Transfer Capacity 8,500 Bushels/hr
Bag Handling Capacity   
Diameter 9' or 10' Bags
Max. Length 300'

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