Loftness N29114

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  • Swing Hopper
    The low profile swing hopper is the key to successful truck unloading. Twin 7-inch diameter pan augers move grain quickly from the truck’s discharge into the 13-inch diameter swing auger. Hopper height is 12 inches or 19 inches with extensions.
  • Traction Tires on Hopper Drive
    The hydraulic-drive hopper wheels are used to move the swing hopper into position under the truck’s discharge. The traction tires are foam filled to eliminate air loss from bead failure.
  • Hopper Gage Wheels
    Free-wheeling, rigid gage wheels are adjustable for hopper height control. Solid rubber tires support the far end of the hopper when swinging under the truck’s discharge. The swing hopper is designed to rotate under the truck’s discharge as the bag loader advances. The skid plate in the center of the hopper helps provide a pivot point for rotation.
  • Transition and Swing Augers
    The backbone of the truck unloading auger, the 13-inch diameter transition auger delivers grain to the pivot point over the base of the main auger. The pivot point is the 13-inch diameter swing auger unit, which provides positive positioning while aligning the swing hopper, and also allows the hopper to fold into its travel position.
  • Operator Controls
    Complete control is provided through the hydraulic control valve console, located midway down on the swing auger tube. The operator has excellent visibility and control when positioning the swing hopper under a moving or stationary chute.
  • Hopper Transport
    The swing hopper and auger are easily winched up into transport position with an electric hopper winch. Transport chains are deployed once the hopper is in position. Cable tension is then released for transport.
  • 120 HP/ 5 GPM Tractor Required


Model Number N29114
Operating Weight 1,220 lbs
Operating Dimensions  
Length 32' 8"
Width 29' 9"
Height 12' 9"
Storage/Travel Dimensions  
Length 32' 8"
Width 19' 8"
Height 12' 9"
Hopper Dimensions  
GL-12 Truck Auger 6' 8-1/2" x 3' 1/2" x 12"
GL-12 Truck Auger w/ skirting 6' 8-1/2" x 3' 1/2" x 19"
GPM (required) 6
PSI (required) 2,000
Connector Type Quick Couplers
Auger Sizes  
Twin Hopper Auger 7" / 750 RPM
Primary Auger 14" / 540 RPM
Wheels / Tires  
Wheel Size 15"
Tire Size 16-6.5
Tire Type Foam Filled Traction
Transfer Capacity 11,900 Bushels/hr
Bag Handling Capacity  
Diameter 12' Bags
Max. Length 500'

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