Meyer Farm XT2200+ Tandem Trailer / Oscillating Axles 22 Ton

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XT2200+ Series Upgraded!

The new "Plus" Series XT Tandem Trailer received a host of upgrades to the hitch frame and axle clearance areas.

HD Tubular Frame

Meyer XT2200+ Series Trailers feature a 4x8 tubular base frame in 4 different lengths to accommodate all your applications.  Typically used for forage boxes from 20 - 26' of load space plus other applications!

Robust Hitch Assemblies

Meyer XT2200+ trailers feature a stout 6x8" tubular hitch to handle heavy loads!   Notice it is reinforced at all critical stress points.

Oscillating Tandem Beams

These sturdy oscillating wings contain massive, greasable pivot bushings.   3 1/2" spindles and 15,000# / 10 bolt hubs are standard!

Tire Options (550/45x22.5 pictured)

Tire options include:  550/45x22.5 bar tires, 600/50x22.5* bar tires, 425/65x22.5 used truck tires
*600 tires require special riser

HD Clevis Hitch

This clevis hitch is standard equipment of the XT Series trailer.

Optional Swivel Hitch

Check out our optional swivel hitch for uneven terrain! 

Optional Articulating Implement Hitch

The ultimate hitch - this optional cast hitch requires a hammer strap tractor drawbar.   It features a pivoting ball and adjustments for 1.5" or 2" pin.

Brake packages / XT Series

XT2200+ Series Trailers are available with hydraulic brakes which can be controlled with hydraulic remote valves or foot pedal controller if your tractor is equipped.   Meyer also offers a surge brake package for this model.

Scale Option

XT2200+ Tandem Trailers have a 5 point scale system as an option.



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