Meyer Farm XTSS4500+ Tridem Trailer / Suspension Steer Trailer - 45 Ton

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XTSS4500+ Series Upgraded!

This new "Plus" Series XTSS Tridem Suspension / Steer Trailer received a host of upgrades to the hitch frame, structure, axle system, scale mounts and more! 

HD Tubular Frame

The Meyer XTSS4500+ Tridem Trailer Chassis features a massive 4x8" tubular frame in two different lengths to accommodate your application.   Typically use for 9130RT & 9136RT silage boxes or 9530 Crop Max spreaders with 30 - 36' of load space.

Robust Hitch Assemblies

Meyer XTSS trailers feature a strong 6x8" tubular hitch system which is heavily fortified to handle the load.

Suspended Axles Standard on XTSS / Front & Rear Steerable

HD 33,000# suspension axles are standard on this model as well as front and rear axle steering providing a smooth ride, less stress and reduced tire wear.

Tire Options

The XTSS4500+ Trailer can be ordered with 600/50x22.5 or the more popular 700/40x22.5 bar tire package.

Locking Rear Axle

The front and rear steer axle feature a locking mechanism to aid in backing up or long distance forward travel out of the field.   (Hydraulically activated from the cab)

Brake Choices

XTSS Meyer Trailers come standard with a drum brake feature.   You can choose from manual activated hydraulic brakes or foot pedal activated if your tractor is properly equipped.

Standard Articulating Implement Hitch

This HD Cast Articulating Implement Hitch is standard equipment on the XTSS4500+.   It offers excellent flexibility for uneven terrain and does require a hammer strap tractor draw-bar.   (Accepts 1.5 or 2" pin)

Scale Options

The Meyer XTSS Series Trailer can be outfitted this handy scale arrangement.   It features a 10 cell system mounted between the trailer and the implement.


Model XTSS4500+ 390
Style Tridem Suspension Steerable
Suspension Leaf Spring
Capacity (Trailer & Load) 90,000#
Tread Width 88 1/2" w/600/50x22.5
Axle Configuration Tridem - steerable 33,000# x 3 - High Speed
Heavy Duty Hubs 10 Bolt - Grease Filled
Max Speed (Depends on Tires) 40 mph
Frame Design 4x8 Tubular
Bed Width 42"
Stake Spacing 33.5" std
Bed Height 50" w/600/50x22.5
Overall Width w/600/50x22.5 110"
Overall Length 40' 3"
Bed Length 32' 9"
Hitch and Hitch Supports Extra Heavy Duty
Articulating Implement Hitch Standard- Requires 1.5 or 2" pin Hammerstrap style hitch
Weight- Approx. 13,100# w/600/50x22.5
Tires 600/50x22.5 High Float 700/40x22.5 High Float
Brakes Hydraulic Manual Hydraulic Foot Pedal
Saftey Chain Optional

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