Meyer Farm 8226RT

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Truck - Trailer (Chassis) - Wagon Mount options

Full 8' interior width - the widest in the industry! Massive steel frame on 16" centers. High quality Urethane finish frame (red standard / black optional)

Solid Poly Floor - high molecular virgin poly (no regrind)!

Clad-Tuff fiberglass side panels standard. Easy clean up / good looks / allows for hauling of cured silage without corrosion.

Deluxe, hydraulic cab-controlled front drive system standard - Independent controls on all functions. All from the perch of your truck or tractor! (30 GPM minimum required flow)

RT Bevel Gear drive / no worm gears or chain reductions on front discharge. Simple 3 motor hyd drive reduces maintenance too.

Strong 2" drive shafts front & rear, machined steel sprockets - not cast! Large diameter nylatron bearings hold more grease and last longer.

HD splined coupler allows performs the front to rear unload drive conversion (rear drive pictured).

18" diameter drum augers in a tapered formation deliver a smooth flow of crop to the discharge conveyor.

14" side extension pkg available (solid or mesh). This package includes a 4th beater to maximize discharge quality in heaped loads!

24" wide cross conveyor - 81X extreme duty chain & poly conveyor floor! 24" hyd fold-down extension standard / 36" fold-down optional.

Rear Unload System features dual drive for big loads - pulls from both sides

Top Pivot Door with the patented Meyer Gate Delay System standard. Turn it on / Turn it off - no assistance needed! Door latches securely into drive shaft.

LED turn signal lighting standard. Marker & clearance lights w/DOT tape package available

Electric front to rear or side to side tarps available. (Require front enclosure)

Scale packages available for truck, trailer chassis or wagon mount units.

RTX200 Models utilize hydraulic power & a HD bevel gear-drive to tow the load (no roller chain reductions). Rear door opens and closes without assistance.

Rear Gate Delay is Standard on RTX - Reduces unload time / saves aggravation / no adjusting.

LED turn signal lighting standard

Grain Kit Option

This effective grain kit attaches easily and comes with a hydraulic variable speed valve to control apron speed from the rear of the box.   WORKS GREAT / MULTI-PURPOSE!

False Front Panel

Generally used in conjunction with the rear mounted grain kit, this panel keeps grain from flowing into the front conveyor area.

RH Side Hood Deflector package reduces "blow by" and operator fatigue!

Electric front to rear or side to side tarps available. (require front enclosure)

Scale Packages Available

Makes recording keeping a snap!



Inside Length 26'
Inside Width 97"
Inside Height - no extension 72"
Inside Height w/14" extension 85.5"
Overall Length 31"
Overall Width w/ Convey. Ext 119"
Overall Width w/o Convey. Ext 117"
Overall Height - no extension (top of gate)* 103.5"
Overall Height w/ 14" extension (top of gate)* 115.5"
Overall Side Height - no ext. / with ext.* 88.25/102"
Stringer Width (Truck/Trailer Mount) 33.5"
Capacity (struck level) Cu. Ft. - w/o ext. 1260
Capacity (struck level) Cu. Ft. - w14" ext. 1495
Maximum Net Load (off road rating) 25 ton
Apron Chains (Pintle) 667XH
Cross Conveyor Apron Chain HD81X
Rear Drive Shaft 2-3/8" HD SOLID SHAFT
Front Hydraulic Direct Geardrive Standard
Rear Unload Power Source Dual #120
Upright Spacing 16" on Cntr
Upright / Cross member Construction 2x2 Tubing
Rear Unloading Time (Dependent of Hyd. System) 50 sec.
Clad-Tuff Fiberglass Woven Side Panels Standard
Solid Poly Floor - High Molecular Standard
Rear Gate Delay System *new RT design!! Standard
Automatic Rear Door Unlatch / Latch Standard
Hydraulic Drive Standard
Rear Transport Lights - LED (new location) Standard
Marker/Clearance Lights (LED) & D.O.T. Tape Optional
Personalized Farm Name on Sides Standard
14" Removable Side Extension (screen or solid) Optional
+includes 4th beater assembly  
Double Center Opening Doors Hyd./Air (Barn Doors) N/A
Grain Kit / Quick Attach for Top Pivot Door N/A
Grain Kit / Quick Attach for Barn Door Gate N/A
Side-mtd, LED Turn Signals in addition to std Optional
Side Hood Deflector/backstop (RH side) Optional
Black paint in lieu of Red Optional
Truck Mount Kit w/ Steel Fenders Optional
Factory Install of Truck Mount Kit Optional
Wagon/Trailer Mount Kit Optional
Front Enclosure Optional
Front to Back Scissor Tarp (electric) Optional
Side-to-Side Roll Tarp (electric) Optional
*Height measurements - Straight Truck Mounted Units require hardware which adds approximately 1.5" to height listed above   

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