Meyer Farm RT220

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Wagon - Trailer - Truck Mount options

HD steel frame on 24" centers. 7'5" inside width for maximum capacity! New integrated top rail system eliminates the need for side supports on open top models.

Removable roof system standard / open top optional

Variable speed RT Belt Drive standard equipment - featuring our new, high-efficiency bevel gear-drive system which offers clean-out speeds up to 17' / minute!

Spring loaded chain tension with nylon paddle tighteners on all roller chains

HD 2" main drive shaft with machined drive sprockets - tough stuff!

18" diameter drum augers in a tapered formation provide a smooth mat of feed to discharge conveyor.

24" wide pintle chain cross conveyor provides an even discharge to your blower or bagger without the buildup associated with roller chain conveyors. Fold-down extension and conveyor hold-down system standard!

Solid poly floor / high molecular - virgin material standard

Spring loaded, Torsion style apron tensioning system is centrally located under the floor giving you complete chain wrap on drive sprockets. Less strain on your aprons means a longer life.

Patented Direction Control System (DCS) offers front to rear unload switching with no coupler/pin change. NO HASSLE HERE!

RT200 Models utilize hydraulic power & a HD bevel gearbox to tow the load(not roller chain reductions). Rear door opens and closes without assistance.

Rear Gate Delay option cuts unloading time and aggravation!

Basic hydraulic or cab controlled hydraulic front drive available / PTO standard

High capacity 12" taller side package available with or without a roof.

4th beater available in conjunction with 12" taller side package (open top or roof models)

LED turn signal lighting standard



Dimensions RT220
Floor Length 20'6"
Overall Length 24'7"
Inside Height (w/o roof) - std height
                                - high sides
                                - high sides 7'3"
Overall Height (w/o roof)  
       top of side            - std height 94"
                                 - high sides 106"
       top of door pivot   - std height 103"
                                 - high sides 115"
Less 4" truck & trailer mounts (except on XT1600 trailer*) *
Overall Height (w/roof) - std height 114.5"
                                 - high sides 126.5"
Inside Width 89.5"
Overall Width w/conveyor extension up 109.5"
Stringer Width/Height  
  Truck/XT2200 Trailer Mount 33.5"/6"
  Wagon Mount 42"/10"
Capacity (struck level) cu. ft. w/o roof
              - (6'3) std height
              - (7'3) high sides 1108
Capacity cu. ft (with roof)
              - (6'3) std height
              - (7'3) high sides 1326
Front Apron Drive Shaft 2"
Rear Drive Shaft 2"
Tubular Upright Spacing 24"
All Steel Frame - 24" centers (no wood) 24"
HD Tubular Floor Supports 2x2
HD Top Rail Formed (no side supports needed) Standard
Commercial Grade Geardrive (no worm gears) Standard
Standard Features  
RT Variable Speed System - 0-17'/minute (PTO drive standard) Standard
Apron Chains (heavy duty pintle) 667X
Spring Loaded/Torsion Style Apron Tightener Standard
Direction Control System (patented)  
  Front to Rear Selection w/ No Coupler Change Standard
Auger Feathering System & Conveyor Clutch/Safety Clutch Standard
Cross Conveyor Chain Hold-Downs Standard
Fold-Down Conveyor Extension w/ Lift Assist Standard
Superslide, Solid Poly Floor (no plywood) Standard
12" Higher Sides w/4th Beater System Optional
Rear Gate Delay System Optional
Optional Features  
Hydraulic Front Drive System (in lieu of PTO) Optional
Hydrarulic In-Cab Controls (in lieu of PTO) - includes hyd lift conveyor Optional
36" Fold-Down Cross Conveyor Extension (in lieu of standard 24") Optional
Hydraulic Lift Option for Fold Down Cross Conveyor Extension Optional
Roof Assembly (removable) Standard
Roof Hood Assembly (right hand, open top units only) Optional
Rear Grain Kit Optional
  False Front Gate for Grain Kit Optional
Truck Mnt./Trailer Mnt./Wagon Mnt. Optional
Tarp Systems (w/front enclosures)
  Front to Back Scissor Tarp (electric)
  Side to Side Roll Tarp (electric)
Clad Tuff Fiberglass Sides & Back Optional

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