Meyer Farm 4518

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Wagon - Trailer / Cart - Truck Mount versions

Bolted steel frame on 24" centers offering strength and flexibility to boot.

Removable Roof assembly standard / open top optional

High/Low Variable Speed drive is SIMPLE - FAST - EFFECTIVE! 17' / minute clean-out speed

2" HD main drive shaft with machined steel sprockets to pull the load - tough stuff!

18" Diameter drum augers in a tapered formation create a ultra-smooth flow to the discharge conveyor and your blower / bagger!

Pintle chain cross apron system provides even discharge to your blower or bagger without the build-up of roller chain systems. Conveyor chain hold-downs are standard equipment. (Fold-down ext optional)

Feather start controls including cross apron / augers / main apron, smooth as silk!

Marine treated plywood floor standard / solid poly optional

LED transport lighting package standard

Basic hydraulic or cab-controlled hydraulic drive available

High capacity options include 6" taller roof (pictured here) or 12" taller sides

4th beater is optional when combined with 12" taller sides.

Fold-down conveyor extension optional

4500 Models are available in limited supply for the 2017 / 2018 season

Contact your local dealer or the factory to check option availability.



Dimensions/Specs. Heavy Duty -Front Unload-
Model 4518
Floor Length 18'6"
Overall Length 21'4"
Weight 4790#
Main Apron 667H
Overall Width  107"
Inside Width  87"
Overall Height   113 1/2" w / Std. Roof
Inside Height   94" w / Std. Roof
TSS-Total Speed System  All Models - Low Range: 0 - 7.5' / minute
 High Range: 0 - 17' / minute
Quick Removable Roof   Std. Equipment
Auger Feathering System   Std. Equipment
Auger Drive HD RT160 Bevel Gearbox (New)
Unloading, Even Feed Augers  3 Large 18" Diameter Augers. Drum Style Design w / 2" Auger Teeth
Power Source 540 rpm PTO Drive
Hydraulic Optional
Cross Conveyor Feed Delivery LH Standard • RH Optional
Cross Conveyor Outfeed 12" Extension Std. (24" Fold-up Opt.)
Cross Conveyor Chain D662 Pintle Chain w / Hold-Downs - 21" width
Safety Clutch Standard Equipment
IOC-Independent Outfeed Clutch Standard Equipment
Poly Floor (Solid) Optional
Box Tie Down Kit &
Transport Lights
Standard Equipment
4th Beater Optional w/12” Taller Side
Side Support System Optional (Except Standard on Open
Top or High Roof Models)
6" Higher Roof
(Includes Side Supports)
12" Higher Sides Optional - Open Top or Roof Models

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