Meyer Farm 4616 front 4216 front/rear

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  • Standard equipment includes hydraulic drive, pto drive is optional. Notice the gearbox drive coupler for front/rear unload models, it makes switching from front to rear unload a snap!
  • The Meyer 3/4000 Series Feeder Box is equipped with easy to use variable speed hydraulic drive power. It also comes standard with a 36" folding extension (measured from the box side). The extension is folded with a hydraulic cylinder (standard on pull type models).
  • The Meyer Feeder Box has a bonded liner on the entire inside and outside of the box. This liner eliminates any wear from cured silage and clean up is very easy.
  • Specialized Options
    - Side to side electric roll tarps
    - Front to rear electric scissor tarps
    - Scale systems with 4 or 6 point mounts


  Industrial Duty
Front Unload
Front/Rear Unload
Model 4616 front
4216 front/rear
Floor Length 16'6"
Overall Length (box only) 19'4" - 4616
20'2" - 4216
Main Pintle Apron 667X x 4
Spacing/Frame design
Power 2 speed-Hydraulic/Variable Drive (Std.)
2 speed-PTO Drive (Opt.)
Speeds Infinitely Variable (hydraulic)
    Trailer and Wagon Mount (Std.)
    Truck Mount (Opt.)
Hydraulic Requirements (1750 PSI, 15 GPM) Front Unload
(not spiral beaters)
2 Large 18" Diameter Augers Tapering into Box
    (with standard 49" sides)
3 Large 18" Diameter Augers Tapering into Box
    (with optional 64" sides)
Cross Conveyor -
22" Wide
D662 Pintle w/Angle Cross Slat & Hold-Downs
Discharge Left Hand Standard-Right Hand Optional
Discharge Clearance w/36" Conveyor Extension
    Minimum (down 0) 43.5" (on XT1600 Trailer w/riser/trk/tires)
    +5" for XT2200
    Minimum (up 45) 60" (on XT1600 Trailer w/riser/trk/tires)
    +5" for XT2200
Inside Width 7'3"
Inside Height  49" Standard
55" w/Optional Treated Wood Top Rail Kit
Add 15" for 15" Taller Side Option
Height From Bottom of
Stringers to Top of Box
70" Standard Sides
76" W/Optional Treated Wood Top Rail Kit
Add 15" for 15" Taller Side Option
Overall Width  (with standard 36" conveyor extension)
    Conveyor Up 9'2"
    Conveyor Down 11'
Side Material Clad Tuff Woven Fiberglass (White)
Floor Material Poly Bonded Plywood (3/4" think)
Lower Rub Rails Standard-Treated 2x6, Runs Full Length
Emergency Stop/Cut-out Standard
Light Package Standard w/Cord
Truck Mount Version  Optional-Call Factory for Truck Specifications
24" or 30" Conveyor Ext. Optional / In Lieu of Standard 36"
Scale Packages Optional

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