Meyer Farm Ind. 8720 Trailer Type w/21.5 Tires

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Pull Type or Truck Mount models available
Meyer patented straight line flow - provides the ultimate spread performance. Better pattern, faster unload time, less horsepower & minimal wind drift!

3 auger system = only one of its kind. Lower 23" augers feed the rear door while the upper 16" auger levels the load forward and eliminates bridging. ALL SECTIONAL FLIGHTING!

The Meyer Dual Lower Auger design creates a wide profile at the bottom of the tank. This means that we can maintain the lowest load height in the industry with maximum capacity. Stops bridging too!

Heavy Duty Drive-train on SXI Models include our RT Gear-drive design thereby reducing chain/sprocket reduction. This simple, yet efficient system has #140 final drives for your biggest loads!

The SXI Drive is completely re-engineered for simplicity, easy maintenance, protection and auger speed adjustable.
Auger Speed Changes are quick and easy on standard PTO driven SXI models using this simple A-Plate design. Hydraulic drive augers optional!
Independent Lower Auger Shear Bolt Protection is standard. Allows you to protect an obstructed auger while still unloading a majority of the load with the other auger. Bound to save you time!
Automatic Roller Chain Oiler is standard. Oils all roller chains each time you operate the tailgate. Eliminates reduced access and manure contamination associated with oil bath systems.

Remote greasing on SXI models is standard allowing for convenient & safe maintenance.
3/8" sectional flighting on lower augers - doubled in critical areas. No paddles to wrap, freeze or wedge rocks like other brands.
Our revolutionary T-Post auger hold-down retains a nylatron (no maintenance) bushing and maintains tight auger tolerance to the tank floor. This system provides complete clean-out!

Vertical Twin Expellers pulverize material for a smooth, even application. This machine bands material across the back like a fertilizer spreader, unlike side delivery units that attempt to chuck all material out one side. All paddles are easily replacable and have no pivoting wear parts!
Direct Shaft Drive Expellers / with shock load couplers on all models. No chains on rear of this spreader. Industrial models feature an overrunning clutch on the rear expeller system to eliminate backlash at shutdown!

Check out this Shock Load Coupler System! Drastically reduces "shock/stress" related to rocks, ice and foreign objects to your expeller drive-train. This dampening system along with a torque disconnect clutch protect your expeller drive.

CV PTO Standard. 1000 RPM 1 3/8" on SXI720 model - 1000 RPM 1 3/4" on SXI865
All Meyer V-Spreaders feature a full channel frame. Stress from hitch, axles and payload is transmitted through the frame system. Take a look at the unibody designs on most V-Spreader!

HD Axles! SXI720 features 3.5" spindles / 10 bolt hubs with an optional high flotation axle set (pictured here). The SXI865 is equipped with the high flotation axle standard. It incorporates 4.5" spindles / 10 bolt hubs to accommodate 28Lx26 tires.

SXI720 standard axle system allows for 425/65x22.5, 21.5Lx16.1, 550/45x22.5 or 600/50x22.5 tire options. High Flotation axle is optional on SXI720

 Swivel Hitch standard on SXI Industrial models

LED turn signal light package standard

Auger Speed Options as well has hydraulic variable speed auger drives available for specialty applications.

A Center Wedge diverts material to the outside of the pattern for consistent spreading in all types of product - liquid or dry!

The other guys talk about industrial features, we mean it. This machine is HEAVY DUTY in all the places you need it. Thicker tanks, larger augers, bigger drive components and added protections keep you on top of the game!

Large Door Opening
32x53" Door Opening dwarfs the others.   Combined with the rear unload design, we can move tough loads out fast!  Don't forget, all Meyer V-Spreaders have poly lined gate tracks (not steel on steel).

Hydraulic Lid Option
This optional hydraulic lid assembly provides cleaner transportation and less odor pollution.   Right or left hinge is available and a port hole is standard equipment.   Also available is our hydraulic lock down package!
Scale Packages
SXI spreaders are available with a 5 point scale package.   Standard or Nutrient Tracker versions available.


Dimensions Ind. 8720 Trailer Type w/21.5 Tires
Bushels Heaped 720
Gallons/Cu.Ft. (struck) 3500/468
Cu. yards (struck) 17.33 cu.yards
Overall Length 26' 6"
Inside Tank Length 16' 8"
Loading Height 87" w21.5 or 425/65
91" w/16.00 x 20
Overall Height- 96" w/21.5 or 425/65
 -Top of Splash Guard 100" w/16.00 x 20
Overall Width (outside tires) 118" w/21.5L
114" w/16.00 x 20
Overall Width w/high 141" w/28L x 26
floatation axle pkg.  
Top Inside Tank Width 101"
Total Weight 13,720#
Max. Load (Lbs.) 35,200#
Auger Diameter (lower) 23"
Auger Flighting Thickness 3/8" sectional
Ind. Lower Auger Shear Hub Sprockets Standard
3rd Auger (solid material) Standard - 16"
Drive - PTO RPM 1000 RPM
Constant Velocity 1 3/8-21 spline
Drive Line Protection Overrunning cut
out clutch w/bolts
Roller Chain Drive 80-120-140
Roller Chain Auto Oiler Standard
Expellor Speed (RPM) 716 RPM
Expellor Diameter 30"
Construction Copper bearing
Material steel
Thickness - Auger Troughs 1/4"
Thickness - Tank Sides 3/16"
Frame Construction Heavy 8"
Door Opening 32" x 53"
Standard Axle Spind Diameter Standard Tandem 3 1/2" sleeved
High Floatation Axle Optional
Spindle Diameter 4 1/2" sleeved
Hub Size 10 bolt - 15,000#
High Floatation 10 bolt - 20,000#
Hub Size (optional)
Splash Shields - Stnd. 45 front/45 rear
Tractor Requirement 130 HP Tractor
PTO HP (Min.)  
Lights Standard
Hyd. Brakes-HF axle only Optional
2 or 4 wheels
Hyd. Drive Expellors N/A
w/Variable Auger Speeds  
1000 RPM 1 3/4" spline Optional
Hydraulic Lid Optional
Poultry Litter Package Optional
High Floatation Optional
Axle Package  
Safety Chain Optional
Truck Mt. Drive Options  

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