Meyer Farm F355

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  • The Formula to a good ration starts with the basics. Precisely engineered tank walls, baffles and screws provide accuracy and consistency that you expect!
  • Precisely Engineered Augers - propel your ration up the center of the auger and then down along the outside walls for fast processing while maximizing end-to-end movement between the 2 screws.
  • Lead Edge Scraper is adjustable and replaceable, it is responsible for initiating efficient feed movement in the Formula Mixer (Heat treated - high carbon steel).
  • Auger Discharge Kicker Arm (right side of graphic) provides an extra sweep with every revolution, allowing smoother feedout in less time!
  • Unique 3 piece knife design saves you time and money! This system offers added strength, simple adjustability and reduced replacement costs. (tungsten carbinate coated knives)
  • Step Baffle System aids in feed movement, reduces horsepower requirements while eliminating overprocessing! Made from High Carbon Steel to reduce wear.
  • Direct, In-Line Drive System is standard on the F355 & F470. It provides 40 rpm max speed through a robust planetary drive system. PROCESS FAST / UNLOAD FAST!
  • 540 RPM standard / 1000 RPM optional - both equipped with shear bolt protection
  • This simple, integrated subframe provides the lowest possbile load height with maximum strength. 3 point weighing is standard on small frame units.
  • (2) 385/65x22.5 recap tires standard / durable tires that are easily accessbile if replacement is required
  • All Door Tracks are poly lined for reduced wear and stress. They also provide reduced freeze up issues and easy replacement!
  • Hay Stops are double acting and easily adjustable for tuning when processing long stemmed material.
  • Belt Capacity Extension kits are avaiilable, they generally add about 10% to mixer capacity (Optional)
  • Stainless Steel Side & Baffle Liners as well as Heat-Treated Auger Flighting available as an option for high usage applications.
  • Meyer offers a wide variety of scalehead options from Digi-Star and Avery Weightronics. Weigh bars and junction box come standard with all Formula mixers.
  • All Meyer Formula mixer wieigh product in the mixer tub and the conveyor - unlike many that fail to weigh product already on the conveyor system.
  • Front Door Conveyor Options 1: Flat Front Belt Conveyor (chain avail) - this coneyor provides smooth, quiet transfer off feed. Hyd shuttle system keeps feed away ffrom the mixer.
  • Front Door Conveyor option 2: Belt Incline Conveyor (chain avail) - this versatile system allows you to unload out the incline or flat side. Silky smooth delivery in 24, 36, 48 & 60
  • Side Door Option 1: Simple 12" belt discharge - pictured here with optional door frame magnet set.
  • Side Door Option 2: Hydraulic Folding Slide Tray with magnets
  • Side Door Option #3 - belt discharge conveyor (chain available)
  • Front Platform (in lieu of standard ladder) - only available on front door models. Access from Left or Right side!
  • Tank Magnet System


Overall Length - side door / frt door 215"/245"
Mixing Chamber Length 169"
Overall Height (Standard Axle)  
Tire Size (Quantity) 385/65R22.5 (2)
Optional Tire Size (Quantity)  
Base Machine 84"
Belt Extensions 90"
Hay Retention Ring 90"
Tread Width 98"
Transport Width - frt conveyor / side conveyor w/36" ext. 98"/110"
Max Discharge Reach  
Frt Cross Conveyor - flat belt 7"
Frt Cross Conveyor - belt incline-24"/36"/48" 20"/26"/35"
Frt Cross Conveyor - chain incline-24"/36"/48" 17"/29"/40"
Side Conveyor-24"/36"/48"/60"/72" 22"/33"/45"/56"/67"
Side Slide Tray 5"
Side Belt Extension 3"
Max Discharge Height  
Frt Cross Conveyor - flat belt 20.25"
Frt Cross Conveyor - belt incline-24"/36"/48" @ 45deg. 38"/44"/52"
Frt Cross Conveyor - chain incline-24"/36"/48" @ 45deg 38"/47"/56"
Side Conveyor-24"/36"/48"/60"/72" @45deg 34"/43"/51"/60"/68"
Side Slide Tray 8"
Side Belt Extension 16"
Mixing Capacity  
Cubic Feet - no extension/with extenion 355/400
Maximum Net Load - pounds 12,000
Number 2
Diameter 68"
RPM - standard / high speed 40
Upper Flighting Thickness 1/2"
Lower Flighting Thickness 5/8"
Knives - adjustable - (Standard/Max Available) 4/7
Planetary In-Line Drive
PTO Drive 540 rpm / 1000 opt
Protection shear-bolt
Door Opening - Front 35" x 40"
Side 35" x 40"
Rear n/a
Conveyor Width - front/side 30" / 36"
Front Cross Conveyor Travel - left or right 8"
Tub and Trailer Construction  
Floor Thickness 1/2"
Sidewall Thickness 1/4"
Trailer or Subframe single-axle
- Optional Axle  
Spindle Diameter 2 7/8"
Scale System 3-point
Tongue Weight - % gross 10%
Tractor Requirement - PTO HP 75

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