Yetter 3700 Rigid & Folding

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  • Short- and long-cast arms stagger wheels 7" to facilitate residue flow
  • Wheels spaced on approximately 3 1/4" centers for each gang assembly operating on the ridge or strip
  • Five rotary hoe wheels mounted on bar gang till a 15"-wide area on row spacings of 28", 30", 36", 38", or 40"
  • Spoon-bill wheel teeth are mounted on individual, spring-cushioned cast arms, allowing better soil contact with each wheel
  • Very fuel-efficient, with low horsepower requirements; can be operated at speeds of 8-10 mph
  • Available with a wide array of options to fit the needs of your operation (gauge wheels, helper springs, trash guards, min-till conversion kit, and rear parking stand for folding models; see options tab above for details)
  • Rigid available in 12', 15', 21', 28', 30', and 34' widths
  • 180° flat-folding available in 25', 28', 30', 34', 41', and 46' widths
  • Breaks up crusted soil to improve emergence
  • Mechanically rips out young weeds
  • Aerates and fluffs soil around growing plants
  • Incorporates herbicides and small seeds in one fast pass


  • Hitch: Mounted three-point category II/III
  • Hoe wheels: 21" diameter hoe wheels equipped with sealed gothic arch ball bearing
  • Riveted wheel assembly: 16 forged, self-sharpening, spoon-bill teeth
  • Down pressure: 18 lbs. with standard springs
  • Cylinders: 3000 psi with hoses on folding models
  • Safety features: SMV emblem, reflectors, light kit
  • Convenience features: Operator shield and parking stands


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