Ferris TURBO-Pro™

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Generous 6" diameter outlet hose

Durable composite impeller housing with reinforced metal plate for high contact debris areas

Heavy-duty oversized drive and idler pulleys combined with a long drive belt allow for cool running and maximum belt life

Curved steel blade impeller reduces noise

After initial installation, the quick attach design can be mounted or removed with no tools in a few minutes


  400S IS® 600 IS® 700 ISX™ 800
2-Bag Hard Top 48″ | 8 cu. ft. 48″ / 52″ | 10 cu. ft. 52″ / 61″ | 10 cu. ft. 52″ | 10 cu. ft.
3-Bag Hard Top N/A N/A N/A 52″ / 61″ | 15 cu. ft.

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